SS 400 Plate Properties, Characteristics, and Applications

Steel materials have become a fundamental component of building projects and construction. Steel plates have become popular because of their durability, malleability, and tensile strength. One of the best steel plates used in many industries is SS400. This article will discuss the properties, characteristics, and applications of SS400 plates.


What is SS400 Plate?

SS400 is a type of steel plate that is made of carbon and low alloy steel. This type of steel plate has a tensile strength of 400 MPa. It comprises iron, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and copper. The low carbon content of SS400 makes it ductile and malleable, making it easy to form and weld and ideal for construction projects. SS400 plate is a quality material with various applications in various industries


Properties of SS400 Plate


Physical properties of  SS400 Plate:


  1. SS400 Plate is a Japanese steel grade that has the following physical properties:
  2. High tensile strength, good formability and weldability, excellent corrosion resistance, and long service life.
  3. Its yield strength is between 245–245 MPa (34-34 ksi), and its tensile strength is about 400 Mpa (58 ksi).
  4. The plate exhibits good ductility with an elongation of 20%.
  5. The hardness of SS400 can range from 160 HV to 560 HV depending on its thickness and chemical composition at different temperatures.
  6. This steel plate also has excellent stability against stress corrosion cracking, making it ideal for industrial applications such as oil tankers, process vessels and pipelines where these stresses are encountered frequently.


Mechanical properties of SS400 Plate:


  1. Tensile Strength: 400 – 510 MPa;
  2. Yield Strength (MPa): 205;
  3. Elongation (%): 21;
  4. Hardness (HBW): 180-220 Brinell;
  5. Impact Resistance: 27 Joules at 20°C;
  6. Modulus of Elasticity (GPa): 190-210;
  7. Density (kg/m3): 7,800-8,700 ; and
  8. Specific Heat Capacity (J/kgK): 0.46


Characteristics of SS400 Plate

SS400 plates have high hardness and excellent wear and abrasion-resistant properties. They can withstand harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures, making them an ideal material for constructing machinery, vehicles, and other essential applications. SS400 plates are also resistant to stress and corrosion, which enables them to retain their strength over time.


Applications of SS400 Plate

SS400 plates have applications in the construction, oil and gas, and industrial equipment industries. They are used to manufacture pipes, beams, and other structural components used in building and construction. SS400 plates are also used to fabricate and repair machinery and vehicles. They are also used in manufacturing, shipbuilding, rail transportation, and aerospace industries.



SS400 Plate is an excellent construction material with unique properties and characteristics that make it versatile for various applications. They are used in many industries due to their high tensile strength, wear, and corrosion resistance. They are easy to form and weld, making them ideal for manufacturing various structures and components. If you are looking for quality material for construction, SS400 plates are an excellent choice.

SS 400 Plate Properties, Characteristics, and Applications

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