Advantages and Uses of QUARD 400 Plates

QUARD 400 Plates are excellent for many applications. Some of these plates have key benefits and applications.

What Is QUARD 400 Plates?

400 Plates are wear-resistant steels that are used in a variety of applications. QUARD 400 Plates are perfect for a variety of industries, including mining and construction & offer excellent cold formability, great durability, and abrasion resistance. & very weldable and can be formed to the desired shape. They come in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

These 400 Plates have a great finish and a highly polished surface. They are commonly used in construction machinery, excavators, and conveyors & they are utilized in the fan, metallurgy, and concrete sectors. 

Advantages of QUARD 400 Plates

QUARD 400 is a high-performance martensitic abrasion-resistant steel. It has many different applications & especially well-suited for applications with large weights and extensive wear. 

Additionally, it offers good durability and formability. Construction equipment, loaders, dump trucks, and waste removal machines all use it.

The advantages of QUARD 400 plates include low chipping, good resistance to crevice, oxidation, and erosion, and good formability. 

It is also good for cold formability and weldability. It is also a good choice for the concrete industry. 

 It is also a good choice for urban vans.

Abrasion-resistant steel is a good material for improving the working life of the equipment. 

It also helps to reduce repair costs associated with plant wear. It can increase the reliability of the factory. 

Conveyors, train cars, and material-handling machinery are only a few of the industrial uses for it. Furthermore, the coal and construction industries use it.

Uses of QUARD 400 Plates

Numerous industries utilize QUARD 400 wear-resistant plates. These include the fan industry, mining equipment, construction machinery, and metallurgy.

The high-quality steel used to create these abrasion-resistant plates makes them perfect for heavy-duty uses. The material is also resistant to pitting, erosion, crevice, and oxidation. Three to four times as robust than market mild steel grades, QUARD provides.

In addition to buckets, skips, loader cans, construction and mining machinery, urban vans, and waste expulsion tools, QUARD 400 is the best grade for a wide range of applications. 

The fan and concrete industries both use it. Being a very high-quality surface finish and a durable material, it allows accurate design fitting.

Advantages and Uses of QUARD 400 Plates

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