ASME SA 516 GR.60N NACE and MR 0103-0175 Plates

SA516 GR.60N NACE and HIC Steel Plates

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Triton Alloys SA 516 GR.60N WITH NACE MR 0103/0175 PLATES standard requirement for pressure vessel plates, carbon steel for reasonable and lower- temperature service. Plates and pressure vessel plates are frequently used for lower and reasonable temperature service to NACE MR 0103/0175 NACE and HIC PLATES. It is one of the most excellent and popular steel grades that are usually used for manufacturing steel plates. This grade is mainly intended to be used in pressure vessel where hardiness is required at top notch. The grade is careful best due to its high tensile strength and oxidization resistance that ranges. We have the main inventory & ready stock different raw materials plate in diverse size, grades, and cuts.

The company also offer many additional services that will make sure that we are able to deliver finished parts ready for meeting, SA 516 GR.60N WITH NACE MR 0103/0175 PLATES itself on life form able to help its customers no matter what their requirement for processed plate is, Our range of plate wounding equipment ensures that we can present exactly what they will require.

The plates that are thinner than are often supplied to the client in rolled form whereas plates are more than 40mm thick are supplied in normalized form. SA 516 GR.60N WITH NACE MR 0103/0175 PLATES are often used in fabricators. When these plates contain manufactured a sample of it is tested to make sure that whether these plates meet the necessary temperature and force or not.

With it, standard development is also done to check whether these plates can endure in extreme temperature and environment or not. Well, it is significant to note that these plates have a thickness that range.

Furthermore, these plates are obtainable in varied shapes and sizes as per the obligation and demand of customers. These are recognized best for their high tensile power, resistance to pitting, corrosion, and corrosion. The special characteristic of SA 516 GR.60N WITH NACE MR 0103/0175 PLATES is its high power, durability, resistance to decay, pitting and corrosion. You can without difficulty use these plates in a dissimilar application and at any temperature, as they are artificial using the best quality of the raw substance that is well tested and inspected previous to it is used for the developed process.

EQUIVALENT GRADE OF A516 GR.60N NACE MR-0175/0103 Boiler Plates

British Standard European Norm ASTM/ASME DIN
BS1501-161-430A EN10028 P265GH A/SA516 - Grade 60 DIN 17155 HII

However, to be familiar with whether the manufactured product is tough or not these plates come across various tests that comprise an ultrasonic test that is done in agreement as per customers obligation, MTC test, Charpy impact test. These plates are artificial in accordance with national and international excellence standards that include a variety of grades.

Certification and packaging play an extremely significant role. To check whether the plates are durable and of elevated quality or not, these plates approach across various tests and inspection including destruction test, hardness test, and third-party examination. Furthermore, manufacturer offer certificates like IBR test certificate, Tested Fine Grained Pressure Vessel Steel saucers Sour Gas Service, ASTM/ASME A/SA 516 Grade 60N HIC experienced Hot Rolled Steel Plates in agreement with NACE Test Method, third-party test report and raw material test certificate to their clients.

Well, taking concerning SA 516 GR.60N WITH NACE MR 0103/0175 PLATES packaging, these plates is packed independently in waterproof material and bundle in nylon rope. With it, at what time these plates are packed a clear label is a tag outside the packed box describing yield name, size, length, and specification. These plates are still packed in accordance with international principles at the time of export to one more country. Buy it online at reasonable price.


Grade ASME SA 516 GR.60N Boiler and Pressure Vessel Steel Plates
Width 1000mm-4500mm
Thickness 5mm-150mm
Length 3000mm-18000mm
Supply Condition As Rolled, Normalized Rolling, Furnace Normalizing, Vacuum Degassing, Simulated Post-Weld Heat Treatment or as per customer requirement.
Impact tested 52° C
Tempering Notch toughness can be improved by quenched cooling from hot rolling or normalizing by the supplier. If such a faster cooling rate is agreed upon between purchaser and supplier then the steel is also to be tempered at 1200 F.
Applications Used for weld fabrication of pressure vessels that require improved notch toughness for lower than ambient temperature service.
Process of Manufacturing Hot-Rolled (HR)

Chemical Composition Of A516 BQ GR.60N NACE and HIC Steel Plates

C Si Mn P S Al Cr Cu Ni Mo Nb Ti V
0.20 0.4 0.95/1.50 0.025 0.025 0.02 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.08 0.01 0.03 0.02

Mechanical Properties Of NACE MR-0175 Resistant Steel Plates

Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation min, % 200 mm (8 in) Elongation min, % 50 mm (2 in)
415-550 MPa 250 MPa 21 25

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We Offers Following Processing for ASTM A516 Hot Rolled Boiler GR.60N NACE Resistant Steel Plate
  • ASME SA516 GR.60N Plates Cutting
  • SA516 Grade 60N Boiler Steel Plates Forming Drilling / Machining
  • SA516 GR.60N Pressure Vessel Plates Grinding
  • ASTM A516 Grade 60N Boiler Vessel Steel Plates Testing


Forming Drilling / Machining



Price List of ASME SA516 GR.60N NACE and HIC Boiler and Pressure Vessel Plates

SA516 GR.60N Industrial Pressure Vessel Plate
US $800-3000 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

Hot Rolled A516 Grade 60N Steel Plates
US $605-629 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

ASTM A516 GR.60N Boiler Quality Plates
US $800-4000 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

SA516 Grade 60N Lower-Temperature Steel Plates
US $500-800 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

Export Quality ASME SA516 GR.60N Carbon Steel Plate
US $560-670 / Ton( FOB Price)

A516 Grade 60N HR BQ Plates
US $500-900 / Ton( FOB Price)

Applications of ASTM A516 NACE + HIC Hot Rolled Pressure Vessel Grade 60N Steel Plates
  • Machine building
  • Pylons and other architectural structures
  • Lifting and mobile equipment
  • Construction of bridges
  • Wearing plates
  • Framework structures
  • Crane booms
  • Containers

Machine building

Pylons and other architectural structures

Lifting and mobile equipment

Construction of bridges

Wearing plates

Framework structures

Crane booms

Rail cars

Stone or iron chutes

Truck frames


Vehicles and transport equipment

Steel constructions

Anti drill plates such as security doors, shot blasting equipment and tumbling machine