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QUENCHED & TEMPERED STEEL PLATES are processes that make stronger and harden materials like steel and other iron-based alloys. The procedure of quenching or quench harden involve heating the material and then quickly cooling in water, oil, forced air or still gases such as nitrogen. Tempering is a heat treatment method applied to ferrous alloys, such as steel or cast iron, to attain greater toughness by decreasing the rigidity of the alloy. The reduction in inflexibility is usually accompanied by an augment in ductility, thereby falling the brittleness of the metal.

QUENCHED & TEMPERED STEEL PLATES in steel alloyed with steels such as nickel and manganese the eutectoid temperature become a good deal lower, but the kinetic barriers to phase alteration remain the same.

This allows quenching to create at a lower temperature, making the procedure much easier. High-speed steel also has added tungsten which serves to lift kinetic barriers and give the delusion that the material has been refrigerated additional rapidly than it actually has.

Even cooling such alloys gradually in the air has most of the desired belongings of quenching. Extremely rapid cooling can stop the formation of all crystal structure, resulting in formless steel or metallic glass. Triton Alloys Steel’s management team is the driving force behind the value of quality assurance. Regular training is provided in the direction of our associates in order to stay the improvement program on the path for future growth and success inside our company.

Its Quality Management System provides written detailed events for all processes necessary to give quality products and armed forces to our wide array of global customers.

The supplier base is incessantly monitored to ensure the highest level of manufactured goods quality, exceeding client expectations. All the products purchased are inspected and established during the receiving and delivery process. A certified Metallurgical Test account accompanies each plate and is obtainable to the customer with each shipment.

During the shipping procedure, the bar code is scanned, and that scan mechanically creates the shipping documents with all the plate in sequence preprinted on the customer’s bill of lading. This helps do away with any mistakes during this vital process. Our people to our processes from our place of workspaces to our distribution centers our promise to quality is clearly evident all through Triton Alloys.

Quenched Hardening: Quench hardening is an automatic procedure in which steel and cast iron alloys are strengthened and hardened. These steels consist of ferrous metals and alloys. This is total by heating the material to a certain temperature, depending on the material. This manufacture a harder material by either surface harden or through-hardening defective on the rate at which the fabric is cooled. The material is then frequently tempered to reduce the brittleness that is able to increase from the quench hardening process. Items that are able to be quenched include gears, shafts, and be polite in blocks.

In order to check the quality and durability of the product these are passed through various stage of production. The test are like critical test/ non destructive test, hydrostatic test, Charpy test, Mechanical test, hardness test, tensile test, positive material test,. Other test are like chemical test/ spectro analysis, intergranular corrosion test, ultrasonic test, radiographic test, pit corrosion test and illustration inspection.

Commercial invoice, NABL test report, MTC report, fumigation certificates, packing list like net and gross weight, quantity and marks and number, EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2 and guarantee letter.

Certificate origin by legalized manufacturers/ embassy, attested, raw material test report, certificate by suppliers.

These type of types of equipment are very important for QUENCHED & TEMPERED STEEL PLATES Wooden cases, Spiral wound paper tubes, cartons , crates, and boxes,cores on its pallets, individual pole wrap with stretch film.


Standard ASTM A514/A709
Thickness 5mm-150mm
Width 1000mm-4500mm
Length 3000mm -18000mm
Process Hot Rolled (HR)
Delivery State Quenched and Tempered

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We Offers Following Processing for Quenched And Tempered Steel Plates
  • Quenched & Tempered Plates Cutting
  • Quenched Plates Forming Drilling / Machining
  • Quenched Plates Grinding
  • Tempered Plates Testing


Forming Drilling / Machining



Price List of Quenched & Tempered Sheets

Quenched & Tempered Plates
US $900-3000 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

High Yield Strength Quenched & Tempered Plates
US $605-629 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

Quenched And Tempered Structural Steel Plates
US $2100-5100 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

Quenched & Tempered High Strength Plates
US $500-800 / Metric Ton( FOB Price)

Quenched & Tempered Plates Brinell
US $560-670 / Ton( FOB Price)

Quenched & Tempered HSLA Plates
US $900-2400 / Ton( FOB Price)

Applications of Quenched & Tempered Plates
  • Machine building
  • Pylons and other architectural structures
  • Lifting and mobile equipment
  • Construction of bridges
  • Wearing plates
  • Framework structures
  • Crane booms
  • Containers

Machine building

Pylons and other architectural structures

Lifting and mobile equipment

Construction of bridges

Wearing plates

Framework structures

Crane booms

Rail cars

Stone or iron chutes

Truck frames


Vehicles and transport equipment

Steel constructions

Anti drill plates such as security doors, shot blasting equipment and tumbling machine