Customers calling Triton Alloys to help with their metal product needs also ask us to perform simple sawing operations on their Sheet or plate items. Carbon, alloy, stainless, aluminum, and nickel bars and plates are the most common steel products for sawing. Depending on the required tolerances and the inquired quantities,Triton Alloys relies on an expansive network of saws to meet this need.

Band Sawing

Band-SawingVertical band saws (contour saws) and horizontal band saws use conventional, fluid cooled blades to friction cut even the hardest steels. Using Triton Alloys saws, customer benefits include:

  • Low cost cutting for virtually any product.
  • Laser guided blades (selected locations) to assure straight, close tolerance cuts.
  • Minimum kerf loss means lower overall material cost.


Cold Sawing

cold-sawingCold saws use circular, tungsten-carbide tipped blades or high strength steel (HSS) blades to cut product with minimal burr, no sparks, no discoloration and no dust. As a result, with Triton Alloys cold saws customer benefits include:

  • Smooth, machined surface.
  • Edge has no heat affected zone and post-processing thermal treatment is generally not required.
  • Close tolerance parts, reducing finishing time.


Contour Saw

Contour saws do just that, they cut steel to a layout line of regular radius or irregular contour. The term is often used to describe any band machining operation more complicated than a simple straight line cut. Aluminum is the most common product used when Triton  is helping customers with contour sawing.


Precision / Production Sawing

Triton Alloys  does have abrasive saws and precision saws as well. We also saw small orders and large lot sizes, or production orders. The main thing to remember is that once you share what you are trying to do, Triton Alloys will work with you to decide the best way to get the job done to your specifications.

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