plasma-cuttingPlasma cutting, or electric arc cutting, provides a faster more precise option for cutting carbon, stainless and aluminum plate. Plasma cutting, or electric arc cutting, is suitable for thin and thick plates alike for most conventional steel products. With Triton Alloys , customers benefit from:

  • State-of-the-Art plasma torches provide uniform cuts with minimum bevel through 125 mm thick.
  • Heavy duty gantry machines providing for good part definition even at high cutting speeds so you get square corners as well as a good cut.
  • CNC controlled for maximum precision and accuracy.
  • High cutting speeds, providing minimal thermal distribution which helps to maintain flatness.
  • Shallower heat affected zones than with flame cutting.


Note that all plasma cut tolerances are measured at the top edge of the plate. Plasma cut plate may have a bevel up to 2 degrees on the cut edge.Plasma cut shapes are processed with the full tolerance range to the plus side on the outside dimension, to the minus side on the inside dimension, unless otherwise specified.

Maximum width 4000 mm
Maximum length 14000 mm
Maximum thickness 200 mm

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