oxy-fuel-cuttingOxy-fuel  cutting, or flame cutting, is one of the most cost effective solutions for carbon plate processing while still delivering uniform edge quality.Oxy-Fuel cutting, or flame cutting, is a fast and efficient operation for cutting simple or complex shapes, including bevel cuts and burn-to-sketch. With Triton Alloys, customers benefit from:

  • Single torch up to twelve torches on at a time, efficiently cutting one piece to thousands of shapes.
  • CNC controlled, providing precision and consistency from part to part and lot to lot.
  • Extra wide gantry machines, allowing us to cut many pieces at a time without compromising plate yields.


Note that all flame cut tolerances are measured at the top edge of the plate. A slight bevel up to 1-1/2 degrees may occur on the cut edge.Flame cut shapes are processed with the full tolerance range to the plus side on the outside dimension, to the minus side on the inside dimension, unless otherwise specified.


Maximum width 3500 mm
Maximum length 14000 mm
Maximum thickness 100 mm

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