akuminium-plateAluminium Alloy Plates are medium strength alloy plates with exceptional corrosion resistance. Aluminum sheet plates are created by surpassing aluminum between rolls underneath pressure, it becomes thinner and longer in the moving direction.

Mechanical strength, rust resistance and dimensional stability are key aspects that give these plates the advantage over standard aluminum plates. The aluminium alloy plates lend itself only to resistance welding. These plates have good workability but varies in tempers. The alloy plates are available in variety of sizes and thickness. These aluminium plates are made from marine grade alloys and find usage in manufacturing of fast ferries, yachts, navy or passenger vessels and small pleasure crafts.

Available Alloy Grades :

5083, 5086, 5454, 5052 and 5456 (Approved from societies such as : ABS or DNV)

Featured Products:

5083 Aluminum Alloy

Available in marine grade tempers H116, H321, H323 to spec ASTM B928. This is an excellent alloy, which is primarily used for its corrosion resistant properties. With possessing good welding capabilities for fabricating vessels it is a good standard engineering alloy. This alloy is commonly used in Europe and Asia.

5086 Aluminum Alloy

Available in marine grade tempers H116, H321; to spec ASTM B928. Tempers O, H112, H32; to spec ASTM B209. The marine grade alloy is very good at inter granular corrosion and possess better welding and forming properties. This alloy is commonly used in North America.

5454 Aluminum Alloy

The alloy is most commonly used where excellent forming ability is required and is available in O, H112, H32, H34; to specification ASTM B209 Tempers. It serves as the manufacturing material for large pressure vessels and certain marine fabricated products.

5052 H32 Sheet & plate

It is an alloy possessing good strength and welding ability, which is also easy to form and fabricate. This alloy is not considered a true marine alloy.

6061 T6 Sheet & plate

It is a heat treated alloy possessing higher strength and is used in many general engineering applications. This alloy is also not considered as true marine alloy.


Chemical & Mechanical Properties


Chemical composition
Mechanical Properties
Tolerances + Geometry
EN 573-3
EN 485-1/2
EN 485-3/4
ASTM B 209-96
ASTM B 209-96
ASTM B 209-96
o ,H32, H34, H36, H38
6 mm to 100mm
1000 – 2200
2000 to 6000
O, 116, H321
6 mm to 100mm
1000 – 1525
2000 to 6000
O, H 111, H116, H321
6 mm to 100mm
1000 – 2200
2000 to 11000
O, H111
6 mm to 100mm
1000 – 1520
2000 to 6000

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